As we all know, Santa Claus lives far, far away in the little northern country called Finland. To be more precise he lives in Korvatunturi (translates as the arctic hill of ear), but the exact location remains a closely guarded secret even today.

There he bustles about with his elves all year until Christmas eve, when he must then deliver all the well prepared gifts to all of you.

In such a rush parkour might come in handy.

Just before Christmas 2003 Santa was seen doing parkour for the first time. A bunch of active traceurs happened to run into him while they were training.

For some unknown reason, he had lost one of his presents, which had to be recovered and so began a mad dash through the snow.

Luckily, one of the traceurs managed to get the whole thing down on video, and asked Santa if he could show it to the world on the internet. In his playful tones, Santa agreed, as long as he could sign a contract that protected his image.

"It's a present for all the happy traceurs in the world....YO HOHO" said Santa.